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Early Bird Photo Walks

Create Photographics Meetup Group

With the change of the season I have decided to add a regular Meetup before the Circle of Confusion meets. Let's get out there and start the day with a Photo Walk. We will be meeting within a short drive of 25 30 Espresso so we can all join in...

Circle of Confusion

Create Photographics Meetup Group

Circle Of Confusion at 25 30 Espresso Why: Because we all need a morning cuppa.Because it will give us some time to chat about photography.Because we can get out and make photos afterwards if the inspiration hits us! I am looking for this to...

Networking Luncheon: "How to Create Original Visual Content to Market Your Biz"

Women in Business Leadership Fredericksburg Regional MeetUp

Join us for a fabulous time of networking and lunch with fellow businesswomen! (We average 50 in attendance each month.) Deepen relationships, make new connections, grow your business, advance your career... This month our topic is: "How to...

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